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Brand: GWF

Cosmetic Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

Cosmetic Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

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【Simple and elegant dual-color design】Two classic color options available: white + white and white + black, high-quality ABS material, environmentally friendly and durable.
【Stable power supply and sonic vibration】5V direct plug-in for continuous power supply, allowing for regular and timed cleaning. Sonic vibration frequency that does not damage bristles or brush rods, easily removing dirt from crevices and grooves.
【Dust-proof design】Equipped with a professional make-up brush cover, which can be used as a cleaning device as well as a storage container.
【Visual operation】The transparent body allows for visible cleaning process, and the cover can be opened for handheld cleaning.
【Safe and practical】Supports simultaneous cleaning of multiple makeup brushes, with gentle water wave rotation that does not damage the bristles. Conveniently wash the entire set of makeup brushes at once. After cleaning, insert the brushes upside down into the cover for drying, and then insert them with the brush heads facing down for dust-proof storage.

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