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Smart Flowerpot

Smart Flowerpot

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Material: Plastic
Color: Green
Special Feature: Lightweight
Style: Modern
Planter Form: Plant Pot

【Artificial Intelligence】Ivy has artificial intelligence built into it. Along with gesture interaction features, it has more than 49 different animations to express different emotions. Ivy develops a personality through interaction with you as the owner.
【Electronic Pets】Having Ivy is just like having a real pet at home. It's to be a lovable companion which brings healing and peacefulness to anyone. It offers a completely different experience than any normal flowerpot. (P: The product is a garden pot only, no plants are included in the package. Potted plants need to be prepared by themselves.)
【APP&Device Support】Ivy can also be connected to your Alexa etc smart home devices. Let Ivy bring your fantastic ideas to life. By connecting to a network, Ivy can perform its own OTA system updates and increase the information on the types of plants that can be cultivated.
【Waterproof and Portable】Ivy was designed with water resistance in mind and is highly durable. The product size is 4.49in x 3.94in x 3.78in with a weight of only 270g, so you can easily take Ivy with you wherever you go. When unplugged, it can last for about 48 hours on standby mode (for optimal performance, it is recommended to use the power cord for long-term charging)
【Ivy Intelligent Flower Pot】It has always been our dream to make plants into pet animals, just like the dog in the movie Up. Our products flip the idea of growing plants, with your support, we will bring Ivy to the world and revolutionize gardening. Meanwhile, this is also an excellent gift-giving option, giving family and friends a surprise and a different experience.

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